Direct Investments

  • Ayar Labs

    Breaking barriers in moving data with fundamentally new electronic-photonic integrated circuits

  • Hummingbird Nano

    Precision molding of microfluidic chips

  • J2 Materials

    High quality lab-grown diamonds for gemstone and semiconductor markets

  • Lumina

    Optical Inspection Systems for detecting thin film defects on Transparent Substrates

  • Mosaic

    Enabling thin substrate solutions for microelectronics and photonics packaging

  • Perceptive

    Sensing for machine perception

  • SkyCool

    Harnessing the cooling potential of the sky


  • Bee Partners

    Investing in passionate founders with deep industry insights, providing capital and mentorship at the earliest stages of venture creation

  • E14

    Building and investing the MIT Media Lab startup community

  • Grit Ventures

    Investing in Early Stage AI + Robotics for Traditional Industry

  • PJC

    Empowering founders to create the future

  • Ubiquity Ventures

    Investing in startups bringing software into the real world